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We recently scheduled a photo session with Daphne’s Photography LLC.   Less than a year ago I saw this picture on Facebook  10800_855963241101912_1211518559571369667_n  and fell in love with it.   I knew there was an artist’s eye behind the camera that snapped this.  I also knew I wanted my grandchildren’s images to be captured by that artist.  My family and friends know that my own sweet husband, Mike,  has a passion for  photography and I love and appreciate his talent.  My desire to enlist Daphne’s services in no way diminishes my respect for his expertise.

We have the added benefit of Daphne also being family.  She is actually Mike’s “first cousin once removed”.  Isn’t google wonderful?  I never really understood second, third and once removed cousin terms but the magic of google explains it quite clearly.  Daphne’s grandparents allow her the use of their 160 acre farm as her backdrop.  Her grandparents are special people and have enjoyed nine decades of life, 70 of those years married to one another, that might be more amazing than google.   Thank you J.R. and Freda.

When we arrived at what has been fondly named “the farm” I would be less than honest if I didn’t admit I was a little concerned.  I hadn’t been there since Daphne’s grandparent’s health had prevented them from maintaining the incredible amount of upkeep required for a farm of this size.  The grass was mowed but the close trimming and the shrub and tree pruning was somewhat lacking.  I know the children and grandchildren are doing everything they can (Daphne included) but they all have their own jobs and homes and a place this size can be more work than 20 people could sustain.  Daphne quickly calmed my uncertainty,  she was professional and completely at ease with her job and the surroundings.  She arrived with the appropriate “props” and even “rewards” for cooperating children.  She is a mom also and understands the importance of candy.

The primary reason for this photo shoot was our grandchildren.  Our youngest, Gabriel,  is only 4, Grace is 5 (almost 6), Kinsey is 8 and Colton, the oldest, is 12.   Mike and I are lucky enough to have all four live near us, 2 or 3 miles is very close when you live in the country. Daphne was quick to understand the “cousins” bond our four share and made swift work of snapping great pictures. DSC_9320 For the next photo Daphne asked the cousins to make any silly face they wanted. DSC_9325 This was the resulting shot.  You can see Colton has that “really, seriously, silly?” look.   He is, after all,  12 years old and almost a teenager, the look on his face speaks volumes.  Still a cute picture.

The next shots were of the pairs of siblings.  Colton and Kinsey DSC_9308    and Grace and Gabriel    DSC_9307.

Charity and her husband, Mike, had come with the hope of a family shot.  Daphne chose this setting DSC_9312 and had asked the kids to take their socks and shoes off.  I love this “barefoot” pose, it seems so personal and very natural.   Daphne’s next idea was this pose DSC_9316, I love the old milk can that is so casually leaning on the tree in the background. Great picture of a sweet couple.

Courtney’s husband, Roy, wasn’t able to be with us.  We were also missing our son, Jake, and our adult bonus grandson, Tyler.  Since this was really a grand kids session I hadn’t arranged for our  “busy-hard-to-get” ones to be on location, that will be our next session.  Daphne took this photo of Courtney and the two who belong to her, Colton and KinseyDSC_9328 copy.  I love black and white photos and am pleased that Daphne’s editing eye chose this.

We always love to be in photos with our grands and hope someday they will look back and say “I love the picture of Nana and Grandad with me”.  This first shot Daphne posed us and then asked Mike to kiss me and told the kids to respond naturallyDSC_9343 then the “Ewwwwws and yucky’s”  began.  The laughter in this next pic was genuine     DSC_9346 .

Gabriel and Grandad are special buddies.  Mike is a wonderful grandfather to all of them but Gabriel has always been Mike’s boy.  The other three are a little bit of Nana’s kids.  These next two pictures are our youngest/oldest family membersDSC_9347    DSC_9352 .

The boards with peeling white paint make a great backdrop for these next photosDSC_9354 Kinsey and big brother, ColtonDSC_9362 . I was so glad Daphne helped Colton find his real smile.

These next two pictures were taken on a weathered and moss covered bench, Gracie was certain she saw a bug and had a little trouble getting comfortable DSC_9358 but bugs don’t bother Gabe  DSC_9359.

I hope I have not made this photo session seem systematical and structured.   It was not!  These four were running in different directions, exploring and searching for the next climbing toy, and often squealing with delight.  They love to be outside and a farm this size offered much to investigate.   Daphne seemed to know when to let them run and how to make them calm when she was ready.

One of the “props” available for this group shot was a hand crafted train engineDSC_9381 .  If you are four or almost a teenager you still like train engines.  Kinsey and I agreed this was our favorite group photoDSC_9304 . I was amazed that a rusty old blue school bus could made such great pictures DSC_9391.   If you change that blue bus to black and white this is the result  DSC_9392 copy. Gabriel and Colton are eight years apart in age but have a great bond.  Gabriel totally looks up to Colton and Colton is a caring, loving “big” cousin to Gabe.

A mother/daughter picture is always special, so glad Daphne captured thisDSC_9400 followed by mother/son DSC_9403.

Kinsey and Grace had stepped up on this old tram, the bus is in the background.  Blue paint must have been on special when these two received their last coating.DSC_9408.   Colton found the end seat of the same blue tram, guess they ran out of blue paint   DSC_9410 .  I am not poking fun at the unique items on the farm, I am actually grateful for each one and love the charm they gave to all of our photos.

We had found this cute blue hat when searching for the girl’s dresses.  There was only one so they took turns wearing it for pics.  Kinsey seemed to have a natural talent for posing, she has told me more than once that Daphne told her she night need to take her along for photo sessions.   DSC_9417, DSC_9421 .  As we were walking around Gracie held my hand and shared with me “Nana, I love our new photographer”, a direct quote.  You can tell, not her first rodeo.  She has been on this side of a camera lens many times.  I agreed with Gracie, Daphne was doing a great job, love this one   DSC_9430 .

Gabriel is very photogenic  DSC_9432, maybe he was saying, “Nana, I love you this much”.  After seeing this photo I asked Grace what instructions was she offering Gabriel   DSC_9435 . She told me she was telling him not to run away and stay right beside her.   She mothers him and he is lucky to have her for his big sister  DSC_9439 .

The last shots were more mother/son and mother/daughter ones, this time with Charity.DSC_9442    DSC_9448DSC_9449   DSC_9450

Thank you Daphne, for making it a fun afternoon and a great memory.


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I have been married to my bestfriend for 38 years. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family: two daughters and a son. I have five grandchildren who light up my life.
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