Girls Day Black Friday 2020

My daughters, granddaughters and I have a Black Friday tradition. We normally have a special lunch at a new restaurant we have never tried. Then we do some fun shopping. We don’t participate in the early, crazy sales but always visit some smaller favorites. But, 2020, being 2020, changed our tradition.

Courtney suggested we find a restaurant in a small town. After some phone calls and Facebook messaging I made certain Meeker Trading company/ The Shed in Meeker, Oklahoma would be open for Black Friday. If you haven’t eaten there yet it is definitely a fun place to try and has the added bonus of delicious food and a very enjoyable shopping experience.

I forgot to mention we think it’s fun to wear matching shirts for our day, it also helps us keep track of each other. Not really necessary for 2020 but part of our tradition

Just to give you an idea since we took no photos of our good food we had The Boss Hog, Chicken and Waffles, Chicken Strips, Chicken Salad, Potato soup, a chocolate chip cookie and Maple Bacon Cheesecake. We shared some of these and all agreed we loved what we ate enough to want to try it again.

I might mention the restaurant is in a giant warehouse, if you love vintage and/or antiques you will be especially happy with The Shed. They also have a nice boutique style clothing section up the cutest staircase. I knew it would be a cute photo spot so here you go.

Kinsey and Grace
Kinsey and Courtney
Grace and Charity
This might be a great time to mention our cute green Tshirts (please read the caption on Courtney’s shirt) were made by Melissa Eads, thank you Lucky Murphy Custom Printing!

After a thoroughly enjoyable Meeker experience we headed home. Our new 2020 Black Friday had been planned many days in advance. The girls had discussed learning to make some things they remembered from their grandmothers. Charity wanted to learn how to make her Grandma Patsy’s fried pies, my grandmother and mother both made THE BEST apricot fried pies. We ventured into additional fillings and also made cherry and pecan.

Beware! Caution! Fried pies are a MESS!

Kinsey wanted to learn how to make Grandma JoAnn’s Snowballs. They were always a special treat and are delicious. They are a bit messy but they all had fun when the dipping into freshly whipped cream began. Grace didn’t have a special request but she was all in for everything we did.

The 3 Snowball Dippers

Courtney is a good cook and although she jumped right into the kitchen fun her request was for a holiday craft. I had been inspired by the beautiful Christmas topiaries I had seen on Meeker Trading Company’s Facebook site. I am a crafty person (if you know me you already knew that) and with the help of Mike Peters, Charity and Courtney’s sweet daddy, we came up we all the essentials to make our version of this craft. By the way, I purchased the large bottle brush trees at the cute Meeker shop.

I was afraid for the girls to hot glue (overprotective Nana alert)
Grace and Charity’s finished topiaries
I forgot to get a photo of Kinsey and Courtney’s finished craft but they grabbed this picture for me. They took theirs to their lake place.

Even though our Black Friday plans had to be adjusted to fit 2020 we all had a great day. Late that evening Mike said “I think they will all remember this day forever”. That made me smile. I love these girls, my Charity, Courtney, Kinsey and Grace and will treasure every memory we make together.


About Judy

I have been married to my bestfriend for 38 years. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family: two daughters and a son. I have five grandchildren who light up my life.
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