Oklahoma Waves

When you live in a land locked state and you love the water  you have to find your beach somewhere.  Since our grand children may have been fish in another life Mike had the idea to take a relatively short road trip to the Water Zoo in Clinton, Oklahoma. IMG_1312_edited-1 We planned it as a surprise for Colton and Kinsey.  Their parents were on a big trip celebrating their wedding anniversary and this was our conciliatory offering since they had to stay home. We arrived after dark, our first glimpse made us anxious for the fun ahead  IMG_1356_edited-1 .

The surprise part of the trip drove them both a little crazy.  They simply aren’t good at being surprised.  Even as we drove west they seemed tortured by the unknown.  I told them to think of the story they could someday tell, “our Nana and Grandad picked us up, mom had packed our bag, and we headed west for an adventure.  They wouldn’t tell us where but when we got there it was Sooooo Much Fun!”

You may have seen a television commercial advertising the Water Zoo and wondered what it would be like.  I think it is a hidden gem in our great state.  We had a great weekend, three totally different 5 story slides, a great lazy river   IMG_1305_edited-1, a large wave pool  IMG_1320_edited-1, a pool with a basketball net in the center, an amazing play area for toddlers and wonderful round rafts provided for our enjoyment.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express just a short sidewalk away from the water park.   The rooms were nice and Kinsey loved their breakfast buffet. Shortly after our arrival Friday evening Colton and Kinsey enjoyed the hotel’s Oklahoma shaped swimming pool.  Saturday evening we asked the hotel to recommend a restaurant and the four of us had very tasty Mexican food. IMG_1326_edited-1   IMG_1327_edited-1   We found Clinton to be a welcoming city and appreciated their small town charm and Oklahoma friendliness.

We were there in early December and surprised to find it not too busy, maybe being huge Disney fans has made us too accustomed to lines and crowds.  I loved the safe feeling the park provided, there were life guards every where.

Kinsey and Colton climbed the stairs more times than I could count always eager for the thrill awaiting them.  Mike and I joined them a few timesIMG_1289_edited-1 but the stairs were a challenge for us requiring short breaks. On two of the slides you could swirl down on a double raft, a treat for grandparents and grandchildren.     IMG_1311_edited-1

The wave pool was my favorite spot, there was a long line of lounge chairsIMG_1349_edited-1   with the feel and sound of a shoreline. IMG_1323_edited-1 Approximately  every 30 minutes a horn would sound and the waves would begin, you could close your eyes and imagine you were listening to the ocean.   I loved sitting there with a good book and my Ipad.

There was an area much like the Splash Pads we have close to home, one in Seminole and  Shawnee.  There was a large elephant container that was being continually filled with water   IMG_1303_edited-1, when it reached its capacity it would tip and pour gallons of water crashing. IMG_1308_edited-1 There was a tamer slide under the elephant splash.  This was a great area for children a little older than toddlers, kind of a “between” zone.

Near the “Welcome to the Zoo” sign there was a waterfall Colton and Kinsey loved to play under   IMG_1316_edited-1 . It was in a channel of the lazy river, a place all four of us found a great place to relax.  By late afternoon on Saturday Colton was using the river as a resting place    IMG_1334_edited-1, the stairs taking their toll on even him.

What I loved most was hearing my Kinsey say “this is the best zoo I have ever been to”  IMG_1295_edited-1 and my Colton say “I had a great time Nana” IMG_1296_edited-1 .

I don’t like swimsuits and cameras to be in the same room if I am involved but can’t not post this happy photo with my two oldest grandchildren and my sweet husband.  Life is about building memories with the ones you love and I treasure our shared experience at the water zoo.IMG_1331_edited-1


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I have been married to my bestfriend for 38 years. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family: two daughters and a son. I have five grandchildren who light up my life.
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