Gabriel Days

Mike and I kept our youngest grandson, Gabriel, for the final three weeks of school.   It was enjoyable and sometimes challenging.  He recently turned four and is a busy little man.  Mike, or I should say Grandad, had him for the first hour he arrived, I am not an early riser and Grandad enjoyed his early time with our Gabriel.  Grandad and Gabriel are best buddies.

As a side note please know that I am totally aware that Webster prefers to spell Grandad with two ds.  Spellcheck is always annoyed with me.  My version is the way the grands pronounce the name they call their grandfather.  Sorry if this bothers anyone, I am a correct grammar/spelling freak but since I am also the writer I get to choose what is OK for my blog.

I played hours of Hulk, policeman, Doctor, house, trucks, hide and go seek,  Ipad,  and watched Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Monsters Inc.  We played outside as often as the weather allowed, sometimes cleaning the front porch, gardening, or four-wheel riding.  We did errands and he was a great little helper.  We had lunches in many different restaurants and he was a polite well-behaved addition to our twosome. DSC_1286_edited-1   DSC_1285_edited-1

We enjoyed our days with Gabriel but I worried I was being neglectful of his pre-school training.  I decided every day we would spend a little time “learning”.  I started with the alphabet, choosing H because H is for horse and Gabe loves horses.  We worked on colors, he is great at those.  We painted one picture daily, using paint with water pages.  He totally loved the cup of water with the paint brush.  “Are we playing school?”, he asked.  “Nana, do you want to be a teacher when you grow up?”, another Gabriel question.  I love his questions, and our conversations.DSC_1284_edited-1 DSC_1286_edited-1         DSC_1280_edited-1

One day I fixed “busketty”,  Gabriel’s favorite meal.  He loves warm hot rolls with his spaghetti but I only had the makings for garlic toast so I thought that would be a good substitute.  I had too many things going on that day and the toast broiled a few seconds too long.  The edges were a little brown but I was quick to formulate a plan, explaining to Gabriel that Colton (his big cousin he loves and adores) prefers his toast with these dark golden edges.  Gabriel contemplated  my words, studied the toast and just when I thought I had successfully finessed my grandson he looks up and says, “I wish my Colton was here, I would give him my toast”.

Our three weeks with Gabriel has come and gone but we made some sweet memories together.

About Judy

I have been married to my bestfriend for 38 years. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family: two daughters and a son. I have five grandchildren who light up my life.
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