Baby Gaby and Gracie


My two youngest grandchildren belong to my oldest child, Charity.  Gabriel, for a short time we get to call him Baby Gaby, and Grace, called Gracie most of the time. Gabriel is 18 months old and Grace is 3 years old. They are quite a pair, time spent with the two is always busy but oh so special.

Thanksgiving Day I was able to convince Gabriel and Grace’s mom and dad they should see the Abraham Lincoln movie Mike (their daddy) was looking forward to and then join the crazy Thanksgiving night early black Friday shoppers. In the late afternoon my Mike and I loaded them into our car, I forgot to mention we were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving at my cousin’s home (thank you Dorsey and Gary).

Grace and Gabriel take afternoon naps, a necessary part of their daily routine, enforced by both their preschool and parents. At Nana and Granddads not so much. Baby Gaby sleeps for about 35 minutes, 10 of those minutes spent rocking, 5 to 10 setting his portable bed up. Gracie crawls into her furry monkey sleeping bag (given to her by her Kelly), she closes her eyes maybe 30 seconds then pops up with the words “I waked up”. I mention this because it makes my smile, they are filled with so much energy, their energy is infused with love and I enjoy every moment.

We spent our evening playing, snacking, watching (this means the DVD is in the player) Barney (Gabe calls him Bonny) and cooking at our small kitchen area.  Grace found the play jewelry for the first time and wore every bracelet (14 minimum), 5 or 6 necklaces, and 3 rings. We watched Thomas travel around his track and through his tunnel.  Gracie played with her babies and stroller, Gabriel with his car that zooms away with the push of a button. Both played with a purse and makeup bag, Grace applied play eye shadow to Mike and to me, Gabriel used the powder brush on many things.

As the evening grew later I knew they both needed to have a little rest. I gave them a warm bath which they thoroughly enjoyed then declared we would have a family movie time, choosing Lady and the Tramp as our entertainment.  Gracie crawled into the chair she chose, rubbed her hands together and said “I’m so excited”.  Granddad had Gabriel in his lap and we all anxiously await the goggy show, Gabe loves dogs. We watch for as long as it takes Lady to grow from a puppy to a dog, movie done. We need a new activity.

By 10:15 p.m. both baby Gaby and Gracie are needing sleep (normal bedtime is 8ish) so we decide we will all lay down together. We as in Mike and I.  Gabriel seems content to lay with Granddad, Gracie needs a drink or two, brushing her teeth is vital, numerous bathroom trips, incorrect room lighting and oh well we are not even in the right bedroom. Around this time I borrow one of her Aunt Susie’s favorite expressions and tell Gracie “You can run with the big dogs”.  Her response, “When do I get one?”

Mommy and Daddy arrive to a sleeping Gabriel and a Gracie awake and happy to see them. It was a nice Thanksgiving Day and a special memory made, thank you God for my many blessings.


About Judy

I have been married to my bestfriend for 38 years. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family: two daughters and a son. I have five grandchildren who light up my life.
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