First Blog

My first blog.  It seems to me the words shared on the first published post of a new blogger should be profound.  Mine will not be.  My words will certainly be sincere and truthful, sometimes funny I hope, and always from the heart.

I write for many reasons. First, I love words and their ability to touch people, of course, words inform and educate, but they can also change our perspective and enrich our lives.  Second, writing is therapy for me. Putting my thoughts on paper (I need a new phrase for that) helps me to sort problems, deal with sadness and grief, and even process great joy.  Third, I want to record and share family memories.  Our lives are a collection of experiences, some are just too good to be forgotten.

I want to thank my cousin and friend, Janell.  She has offered me good advice and many words of encouragement as I’ve began my blogging adventure. I also want to thank my guest blogger, Charity.  She is my oldest daughter and responsible for a very nice Christmas surprise, she created my blog site and it came with a Blogging 101 instruction book, handmade by Charity.  Thank you sweet daughter.

In the weeks and months ahead you will meet my family, each and every one is special and I look forward to sharing.




About Judy

I have been married to my bestfriend for 38 years. I am blessed to be surrounded by my family: two daughters and a son. I have five grandchildren who light up my life.
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